System C Healthbox 3.0

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Ventilation system C

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Healthbox 3.0 is suitable for an individual ventilation system for both houses and flats. Healthbox 3.0 monitors air quality 24 hours a day for CO2 or humidity and/or VOCs (aroma) per room. The ventilation level per room is controlled fully automatically to measure air quality (based on sensors in the control modules). As long as the air quality in a room is good, the ventilation level is not increased. This ensures maximum comfort and energy savings. Via the integrated SmartConnect, the Health box communicates with the user (via app) and with other smart devices in the Smart Home.

•    Demand-controlled ventilation (the ventilation level is automatically adjusted to the actual ventilation needed)
•    Breeze function helps reduce the risk of overheating in the home
•    Extra-high E level improvement
•    Aesthetic integration
•    Compact housing
•    Energy-efficient fan
•    Quick and easy installation