Ventilorconvector IVector S2

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The Radson iVector S2 fan coil unit is a versatile unit that offers great installation flexibility, including recessed, wall and ceiling mounting. This fan coil unit is especially useful during the summer months, as it can also cool the interior in combination with a reversible heat pump.

Here are a few examples of installation :



At last, here's a fan coil that offers innovative solutions for heating and cooling systems. Thanks to its ingenious, highly precise controls, the iVector S2 offers optimum comfort all year round. It is equipped with a high-efficiency DC motor with fan speed controlled using analogue PID modulation, which considerably reduces noise and vibration. All Radson fan coils have been designed to reduce noise levels as much as possible. 


The control (integrated or wall-mounted) allows you to create the desired climate for each room in a user-friendly way. So even in summer, for example in combination with a heat pump, it's possible to operate in cooling mode and cool rooms without having to use an additional air-conditioning system. The simple Smart Touch control allows you to choose the ideal temperature and manually select various functions. What's more, the iVector S2 can also be controlled by modern building management systems via the 0-10V card, so it can be centrally monitored.


Aesthetically elegant, the slim design of the iVector S2 allows discreet installation without compromising performance. Whether wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or flush-mounted, the iVector S2 will blend in perfectly with its surroundings. What's more, the unit can be used for both cooling and heating, and can be combined with underfloor heating.