Thermostat and connected valve Thermostat Round Wifi

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Reduction of VAT to 6% is applicable if the purchase and placement are done by a professional, along with the building being minimum 10 years old. The price of the item will be €209.31
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Wireless thermostat

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The single-zone thermostat brings you comfort and helps you save on energy bills by giving you complete control over your heating program, wherever you are.

  • Suitable for all homes: you don't need to connect the thermostat with cables, just mount it on a wall somewhere in your home. Turn the thermostat clockwise to raise the room temperature, or counter-clockwise to lower it. It's so easy!
  • Single-zone thermostat with optional Internet connection
  • Internet models enable remote control via the Honeywell TCC application for smartphones or tablets.
  • Programmable
  • Can be connected to various smart home applications