Elga Ace H 4KW hybrid heat pump

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Hybrid heat pump

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The Elga Ace is a hybrid heat pump offering excellent value for money. It can also be used for renovation.

Unique on the market, the Elga Ace regulates with OpenTherm, which means that the boiler never produces more heat than necessary. The result is optimum use of the heat pump. The Remeha Elga Ace works with any brand of boiler, offering the solution for making existing homes more sustainable. A hybrid heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and uses it to heat the home. The boiler is only switched on on cold days and to heat tap water. This saves you up to 25% on your gas consumption. The combination boiler supplies domestic hot water, and the Elga Ace takes over heating when outside temperatures drop. This combination makes the Elga Ace Hybrid suitable for any type of home. Whether it's a house with underfloor heating or radiators, savings on gas consumption are always possible.

- Extremely compact hybrid heat pump
- OpenTherm control allows combination with any boiler
- Quick and easy to install
- Can also be used in existing homes