Arotherm Split heat pump

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Heat pump

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For new construction or renovation: with our new aroTHERM split air/water heat pump, you save up to 75% on energy costs - and reduce emissions by 30% - because the heat pump system very efficiently converts the freely available energy from the sun, which is in the outside air, into comfort in your home: heat in winter, cooling in summer, hot water all year round.

  • Installation: more flexible than ever: new technology allows the outdoor and indoor units to be located up to 25 meters apart. 
  • Operation: quieter than ever: as one of the quietest air/water heat pumps on the market, the aroTHERM split is ideal for row houses. Even a few meters away, the noise level does not exceed that of a computer. And even indoors, the system operates almost silently.
  • Price-performance ratio: better than ever. With the aroTHERM split, you get the latest technology at an affordable price. It starts with the installation, which takes little time and hardly any effort. In addition, you no longer have to spend money on flue gas analysis or chimney sweeping. The fixed operating costs are also surprisingly low.