Why water treatment is absolutely necessary

Water treatment is anything but a superfluous luxury: untreated water can cause a lot of damage to your appliances, your budget and your health. So what exactly does water treatment offer you? Read more about the 3 major advantages of water treatment and get that water softener into your home soon!

System protection

Untreated mains water can destroy your appliances, heating devices and pipes because it contains:

  • Dirt particles (sand, rust, mud)
  • Lime

Impurities and lime in untreated water can cause blocages, leaks and corrosion.

Issues like these can considerably reduce the lifespan of your systems. If you want to maximise the service life of your appliances, consider a suitable water filter!

Savings in terms of expense and consumption

Did you know that every millimetre of limescale will increase your energy bill by 10 %? Or that a tap leaking 1 drop a second wastes a staggering 18 litres of water?

A water treatment system allows you to save on a number of fronts:

  • You'll waste less water
  • You'll reap the financial rewards of reduced water consumption 
  • Soft water requires less soap and fewer chemicals

In addition, you'll prevent unnecessary expensive repairs to your appliances: costs that won't be long taking a decent chunk out of your budget.

More hygiene and comfort

Soft water also makes for added comfort:

  • Delicious drinking water
  • Softer laundry
  • Shiny dishes
  • Supple skin and softer hair

Even your health will benefit from water treatment: limescale and corrosion can cause your pipes to crack. Add to that a humid environment and you have a breeding place for bacteria. In sum, softened water stands for enhanced hygiene.

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