How to maximise your solar panels' output

Fossil energy sources are getting scarce and green power is becoming increasingly popular. Heating your home with solar energy is therefore no longer an exceptional measure. Many homeowners have invested in solar panels in recent years. But how do you get the most out of your solar panels?

Advantages of the photovoltaic energy technology

Energy prices continue to rise. Solar energy, in combination with other natural renewable sources of energy, is becoming increasingly indispensable. Solar panels aren't just more environmentally friendly, they cost next to nothing to maintain. So, also from an, admittedly, - long-term - financial point of view they make sense. The high conversion efficiency of sunlight into power makes for a sustainable way to produce electricity

Optimising your power consumption with solar panels

By compensating for your energy demand with solar panels at peak times, you won't only become more energy-efficient but you will also optimise your energy consumption. The major advantage of solar energy: the peak times of the sun are slightly easier to predict than those of the wind for instance.

Energie solaire

Solar energy peak times?

Aside from the amount of sunlight, the peak times during which solar energy is available in a given area on a given day will give you an even better idea of the amount of power your solar panels will be able to generate, for it is at those peak times that the intensity of the sunlight will be very high.