Fast and easy electric heating with Zehnder

When choosing a heating system, one does not always immediately think of electric heating. However, electric radiators are an ideal solution for new construction and renovation, especially in combination with solar panels, heat pumps and underfloor heating. Zehnder offers a wide range of electric radiators in all kinds of colors and models. For sustainable heating in style!

All-electric heating: a sustainable choice

If you heat your home completely electrically with a heat pump (for hot water) and underfloor heating for the first floor, electric radiators are the perfect complement for the other rooms in the house. And hugely energy efficient when you generate your energy with solar panels. That way you don't pay a kilowatt too much for energy!

Zehnder Forma

Easy to install

Installing an electric radiator is quick and easy: attach it to the wall, plug it in and it's done. The job is done in no time. So no grinding or laying of pipes is required; all you need is a power outlet.

Electric radiators for any interior

Aesthetics also count, of course. Fortunately, there is a lot of choice when it comes to electric radiators. Zehnder has an extensive range of electric radiators with more than enough choice of models and colors. You are sure to find a radiator that fits the interior concept you have in mind!

Zehnder radiator
Zehnder Ribbon

Cosy warmth, where and when you want it

By installing an electric radiator, you will quickly have comfortable warmth in all rooms. Even in places where underfloor heating does not heat enough. An electric radiator is especially suitable for rooms that you visit less frequently throughout the day, but where you want it to be comfortably warm in a short time (think of the bath and bedroom or an attic). Features like automatic open window detection and presence detection provide additional energy savings, so the radiators don't use energy unnecessarily. Handy!

Zehnder Universal

Choose your electric radiator in a free color!

Whether your preference is for deep blue, bright red or a softer terracotta shade, with the new Zehnder color card 'World of Colours' there is a suitable radiator for every interior. Until December 31, 2023, order your Zehnder electric radiator in a free color from the color chart! More information in your nearest Facq showroom.

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