All about maintaining your cistern

A cistern is an important part of a rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater cisterns don't require much maintenance but it is recommended that you service them every 10 years because sludge tends to build up over time. Read all about cisterns and maintaining them below.

Does a rainwater cistern need much maintenance?

A properly installed concrete rainwater cistern generally doesn't require much maintenance because, to a certain extent, the microorganisms that settle in the water and your cistern will keep everything clean the natural way. For added peace of mind, consider fitting your rainwater cistern with a suitable water filter to prevent dirt particles getting into your cistern.

Maintaining your rainwater cistern: sludge removal

While rainwater cisterns are essentially maintenance-free, slib can build up on the bottom of your rainwater cistern over time. When that happens, or if you notice an unpleasant smell or if the water has become discoloured, you will need to take action however. The best time to tackle this job is after a spell of drought because the water level in your cistern will be low. Once the cistern has been emptied with the help of a submersible pump, you can clean the bottom and walls.

Is this a job I can tackle myself?

We would advise you to call in the professional for this particular job as they have the right equipment and the relevant experience to do the job properly.
If you do decide to clean your rainwater cistern yourself never use a pressure washer as you'll end up destroying the microorganisms that help keep your rainwater cistern clean.