An answer to all your questions about ventilation

What exactly is the difference between ventilation and airing? What are the new standards a house must meet? The green house experts at Facq know the answers to all your ventilation related questions!

Will opening a window on a daily basis keep the air in your home healthy?

Opening windows and doors for about ten minutes every day during summer and winter ensures a flow of fresh air into your home. “That's correct, it is one way of airing your home,” says Sven Wintmolders, ventilation specialist in the Facq showroom in Hasselt. “Problem is that the effect only lasts a couple of minutes. It is therefore essential that your home is able to breathe all the time: the polluted air must be led out and the fresh clean air in and this at a constant flow, a bit like humans breathe you could say.

Aside from airing your home, effective ventilation is important for your health. In a poorly ventilated room you'll end up with dampness, mould and other bacteria, leading to breathing problems or allergies eve

How can a suitable ventilation system be both environmentally friendly and economical?

Ventilation systems are becoming increasingly popular. Not all that surprising really because modern (and renovated) homes are extremely well insulated to prevent us heating the great outdoors. As we all have to mind our money we go all out in terms of insulation. Older homes are a different kettle of fish: the heat escapes through cracks and crevices with the only advantage that fresh air is never in short supply. “Mechanical ventilation allows you to ventilate your home in a controlled manner as the system optimises the circulation between outdoor and indoor air,” explains Sven Wintmolders.

Is ventilation a mandatory requirement?

A ventilation system meets our expectation and requirements in terms of quality, health and comfort. But there is more: a powerful ventilation system also meets the standards of the current EPB regulation. “In Flanders,ventilation has been mandatory in all new builds and exhaustively renovated homes since 2016. As a matter of fact, it is one of the preconditions for planning permission ,” says Sven Wintmolders. For people in the business that has proven to be somewhat of a godsend because the Flemish government expects you to submit an inspection report for the installation at the end of the work.