All-in-one air conditioning solution

Air conditioning your home is not always a simple task. Yet the good news is that there are all-in-one air conditioning solutions, which can be easily introduced into any home layout.

Resistant to any climate

From its cold winters to its increasingly hot summers, Belgium’s changing climate is full of surprises. So you may be tempted to buy something to control the temperature of your home. But which options are available to you on the market? Read on to learn more about the all-in-one air conditioner, the ideal temperature control solution for all requirements.


How does air conditioning work?

An air conditioner operates rather like an air-to-air heat pump: through its four main components (compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator), it absorbs heat via a refrigerant that circulates in the unit, before returning cool air to your room and dispersing warm air to the outside.

Even more remarkable is the fact that some modern air conditioners are fitted with reversible air-conditioning technology. So you can keep your indoors cool in the summer and perfectly heated in the winter. This function can be likened to that of aerothermal heat pumps.

Innova Aircoheater 2.0

The different types of air conditioners

Air conditioners come in several different types. So what’s the best choice? On the topic of air conditioners, the first ones that spring to mind are mono-split and multi-split units that are made up of two fixed parts, one inside the home and the other outside. These two units work together to control the temperature inside your home. Air conditioners like this are useful, because they can cover one (mono-split) or several (multi-split) rooms in your home, depending on your needs. On the other hand, their main disadvantage is that they require customised and extensive work, in order to install their two units. An air conditioner like this takes up significant space, thus reducing the number of places where it can be installed. This is especially true if you are keen to fit out different areas of your home, which would oblige you to increase the number of unit pairs (multi-split). This solution is rather costly, restrictive and rather unsightly, since the outdoor unit must be installed on the front of your house or on a terrace, for example.

Another category comprises portable air conditioners. These typically come with wheels, which helps when moving them to wherever you may want, but only if there is a nearby door or window to disperse the air. Their major advantage is that no special installation is needed. However, these air conditioners are often rather noisy and energy-inefficient. So they are generally used as an additional air-conditioning solution.

New: the all-in-one air conditioner

In the air conditioning world, a monoblock or all-in-one air conditioner offers several advantages. Both powerful and very quiet, its major advantage is its flexibility. Because unlike mono-split and multi-split units, these air conditioners do not require major installation work and they maintain the appearance of your home’s exterior. Better still, thanks to a series of key technological advances, they can be easily fitted within any kind of room.

The Aircoheater 2.0 by Thermo Comfort is a great example of such an air conditioner. This ultra-thin unit is just 16 cm deep, provides efficient, on-demand heating or cooling and has a very low energy consumption. The Aircoheater 2.0 can be installed on any wall. Everything required for the installation (mounting template and mounting kit, hoses for the holes and external connections) is included in the packaging. Boasting a sleek and elegant design, it only has a minimal visual impact in any room where you install it. A further advantage is that the Aircoheater 2.0 can be controlled via the unit’s touch screen, or through a remote control or a smartphone app.

Aircoheater 2.0
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