The Vintage style

Today's vintage bathrooms pay particular homage to Art Deco, but Classicism is never far away either. They combine contemporary comfort with a touch of nostalgia. Let's find out what ingredients you need for a vintage bathroom.

Different types of vintage bathrooms

You can actually go in two different directions with a vintage bathroom. The first thing we often think of with a vintage bathroom is a sink on a base with a classic mixer tap in chrome and a freestanding bathtub on legs. Popular series like Bridgerton and The Crown make us dream again of such a romantic bathroom of yesteryear

But it can also be done differently. A modern vintage bathroom contains the best of yesteryear in a contemporary look. The typical elements are retained, but they are integrated in a different, more modern way. The result? A bathroom with a contemporary look, where vintage items provide warmth and authentic charm.

Aqua Prestige Balasani
Burgbad - Precision

The colors

Modern vintage bathrooms often contain a warm color palette. Colors that recur are deep green, old pink, red, terracotta and mustard yellow. These distinct hues are seen in walls, tiles and lighting, among other things. To enhance the nostalgic atmosphere, you can add touches of gold. Think, for example, of gold faucets, accessories and a mirror. If you prefer a slightly stronger contrast, choose trendy black.  

A classic vintage bathroom often uses lighter colors, such as white, beige and pastel shades. Accessories and faucets are usually in chrome. A safe and timeless choice. 

The materials

In both a classic and modern vintage bathroom, tiles are essential. If you want a soft, romantic atmosphere, stick to simple white subway tiles. If it can be a bit more, opt for tiles in a warm color and combine this with marble-look or terrazzo tiles. That way you can create a modern version of the vintage bathroom. 

In terms of furniture, cabinets in wood dominate, often dark, reddish walnut. But sinks on steel bases can also be used in a modern vintage bathroom. Romance is thus combined with modernity. In classic vintage bathrooms we see the typical, stately furniture in boudoir style. Often full of details and perfectly finished.

clou Vale
Villeroy & Boch

Shapes and layout

In a modern vintage bathroom, not everything has to be straight and sleek. Bathroom furniture with rounded corners, oval basins and rounded mirrors contribute to a soft look. Although we still see less frills and curls here than in the classic vintage bathroom, where the furniture and faucet work are often very pronounced and present.

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