Savings in the bathroom: tips to lower your energy bills

Everyone wants to consume less. The bathroom offers many opportunities to save energy, on water and heat. In this way, you not only help the environment, but your energy bill will also be significantly lower. You can save energy by changing your behaviour, but modern bathrooms have smart devices that help you do so.

Saving water with water-saving taps

You can save water by simply turning off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing. The Facq catalogue contains devices adapted to today's needs. They will help you daily to save water conveniently.

Water-saving taps and shower heads are designed to use water as sparingly as possible. You have a choice of different types, all of which guarantee minimum water consumption. A lot of water is often wasted when controlling the heat and the jet. Thanks to these taps, this problem belongs to the past.

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Free hot water with a solar water heater

The most economical and sustainable way to heat water is with a solar water heater: the heat from the sun is free and provides us with warm water in the shower and when doing the dishes. The installation of a solar water heater requires a small investment, but this is offset by the long-term savings in energy and expenses. After all, hot water accounts for about 20% of your energy bill.

Heating sustainably = savings in the bathroom

Everyone wants to enjoy cosy heat after a bath or shower. Here, too, you can save energy by heating sustainably.

If your house is in a sunny position, you can again opt for a solar water heater. A heat pump works in a similar way: it uses heat energy from the air, groundwater or soil, which is also free. If these two are not an option, then choose a new condensing boiler. This can save you up to 30% in energy.

Inspired to lower your energy costs once and for all? Check out the endless possibilities in the Facq catalogue.