Save water in your bathroom

Why would you want to use less water in the bathroom? And how do you do it? Discover our tips and tricks here and also read all about a few practical bathroom accessories.

Using too much water is not good for the planet or for your wallet. Why exactly? And how can you use less water - both in general and specifically in the bathroom?

Why should you use water more economically? You turn on the tap and there is plenty of it. Yet fresh water is becoming increasingly rare. And more expensive.

Due to global warming, droughts are becoming longer and underground reserves are being depleted. We must therefore use this natural resource sparingly.

In addition, the price of treating and purifying water is constantly on the increease. Therefore, using less water also means paying less.

Minder water gebruiken in de badkamer


In some sectors, such as industry, agriculture and tourism, water is used intensively. But we also use it at home. For cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, flushing the toilet, or washing. Not to mention washing the car, watering the garden, filling up the pool or due to leaking taps.


How can you reduce your daily water consumption? By implementing these simple habits:

Take a shower (60 litres) and limit the number of baths (one bad = 120 to 150 litres)

  • Turn on the dishwasher once it is full and do not wash anything by hand. In this way you will use 12 litres of water instead of 45.
  • Choose electrical appliances that have an energy-saving function or that use little water.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and when soaping your hands. You will save about 3 litres.
  • Repair leaky taps: a constantly leaking tap can lead to water loss of up to 4 litres.


The right bathroom accessories can also help you use less water:

  • A water-saving shower head: Some atomise every drop of water into a myriad of mini droplets, others aerate them. Result: a more generous, softer and lighter shower with less water.
  • A digital hand shower: is connected to an app and records all data on your water consumption. You can enter your consumption targets and get tips on how to save water and energy.
  • A water flow restrictor: is installed between the shower head and the hose or between the shower hose and the tap. As its name suggests, it reduces the water when you turn on the tap while maintaining a constant flow.
  • An aerator: here, too, air is mixed with water under pressure to save 30 to 60% water without compromising on comfort.
  • A thermostatic tap: no need to waste litres of water waiting for it to get hot. The water reaches the right temperature very quickly and retains it even when you turn off the tap to soap up.
Minder water gebruiken in de badkamer

The latest trend and the ultimate in technology: digital taps (for the wash basin or shower) fitted with a screen. Thanks to intuitive controls, you can easily check water flow and temperature. These taps can even save the various preferences for each member of the family!

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