Renovating your bathroom: step by step

Renovating your bathroom... How do you organise it in practical terms? A little help throughout the entire process will probably come in handy. With this step-by-step plan, there is no need to worry!

Before the works: inspiration, budget and planning

Start by getting inspiration so that you know exactly what your expectations are for the bathroom. You can do this both online and in a showroom. Think carefully about what you are currently missing and what is important to you. It is useful to draw your bathroom layout so you can visualise it better (in 3D!).

Based on your expectations, adjust your budget so that there are no surprises. Your budget will depend on your choice of materials, furniture and how much of the renovation work you can do yourself. Don't overlook lighting and accessories either and allow for about 10% contingency costs. Contact an installer to look at the technical options.

Detailed planning is very useful and even necessary for this kind of work. Try to estimate all the works as accurately as possible, take into account the location of your pipes, electricity, wall layout, etc.


Respect the sequence during the works

During the works, sequence is sacrosanct:

  • Make your purchases ahead of time to allow for plenty of time for delivery.
  • The next step is demolition. You can easily do this yourself and it will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses.
  • A renovation is the ideal time to check drains and pipes for lime scale, for example.
  • Then comes the construction: start with the structural work. This includes the laying of new pipes, insulation and the (re)finishing of floors and walls.
  • Once these steps have been completed, you can start with the carpentry and paintwork.
  • As a final step, install the furniture, accessories and you can decorate your new bathroom.

After the work: maintenance

Major cleaning is not only necessary right after the works. It is important to keep your equipment and furniture in good condition so that they last a long time.

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