Practical and stunning: how to choose the perfect bathroom furniture

The ideal bathroom furniture combines good looks with practicality. But how do you find furniture that strikes a balance between the two? Tips for finding bathroom furniture that never disappoints!

1. Invest in solid materials

A bathroom cabinet has to last, if you want to enjoy it for a long time. Therefore, an investment in quality materials is in order. If you go for a wooden bathroom cabinet, you can be sure that the look will be just right - nothing beats the cosy charm of wood. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to experiment with colour and texture:

Light woods, such as beech or birch can be beautifully combined with white. And white is a classic, timeless colour.

Wooden accents give the bathroom a luxe vibe. Dark colours even make your bathroom a tad mysterious.

You can obviously also opt for a plastic or faux wood bathroom cabinet, which is typically cheaper than wood and provides even more options in terms of colour and shape.

2. Bathroom furniture provides structure to your bathroom

Next to the bathtub, bathroom furniture is the eye-catcher in the room. You can play with it. For example, choose a bathroom cabinet with rounded shapes to create a soft, romantic atmosphere. A floating cabinet creates space (and ease of maintenance as a bonus!) in the bathroom. And a designer bathroom cabinet with clean lines and deep colours will give it a somewhat distant, but totally stylish look.

3. Factor in the surface area

Is your bathroom on the small side? Go for a bathroom cabinet that is narrow and tall, which will provide you with sufficient storage space without the cabinet taking up the entire bathroom. These days there is an extensive range of modular bathroom systems, which can be fitted perfectly into your specific bathroom. Discover them in the Facq catalogue and allow yourself to be inspired!