It all starts with proper organisation in your bathroom!

Clutter in the home is never pleasant. And certainly not in the bathroom! Relaxing in a chaotic bathroom is not everyone's idea of a good time. But tidying up remains our least favourite activity. We like to put it off, because... where do you even start? Could you use some practical tips to efficiently start that tidying session? With this help, you will soon start organising with much pleasure (or a little less groaning)!

How can I efficiently organise my bathroom?

Joke Himpens is an organising coach and loves to share her tips and tricks on her platform 'Practical Joke' and associated blog. In an interview with Livios, she shared a few tips for efficient organisation.

  • Start small: start by organising 1 drawer or 1 cabinet. Create a to-do list with all your separate goals so that you can tick off every achieved goal. Nothing will motivate you more than the feeling of satisfaction after every goal you tick off!
  • Your things deserve a permanent and logical place, Encouraging everyone to be inclined to return them to that place and it never feels like tidying up.

  • Don't be afraid to throw things awawhile cleaning if you are unsure if they are still being used. Just putting them away in a cupboard means they are forgotten and the problem is transferred. To organise this efficiently, you can make several boxes with different labels in which the items are allocated to a more specific place (e.g., 'keep-same-cabinet', 'keep-elsewhere', 'to container park', 'to friends', etc.). Immediately afterwards, you can move them to their assigned destination.
  • Provide low storage cabinets for the children. This will encourage them to put their things in them and not leave them lying around. You'll see that even they (usually) tend to keep it clean.

    If you really can't let go of the clutter, it is allowed to have a single clutter drawer or tray. But stick to that one drawer. When it starts to bulge, start a new selection of clutter to keep and clutter to toss.

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Lastly, Joke Himpens says that when everything has a logical and permanent place, you can also easily get a good idea of your entire stock/collection at a glance. So you also save time and effort by doing this.

More tips to tidy up your bathroom efficiently

Do you really want to know everything about efficient tidying? Expert Marie Kondo guides you from start to finish in her book "Tidying up"!, which further elaborates on special storage methods for your bathroom.

Thanks to the combination of all these tips, your bathroom will soon exude nothing but positive energy and serenity! And... a tidy bathroom naturally translates into peace in your life. Lots of luck!

Would you prefer some tailor-made tips?

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