Inspiration for your shower design

A shower is much more than a few taps surrounded by walls and a shower screen. Your shower plays a fully-fledged role in creating a bathroom that reflects your personality.

Full cohesion 

Contemporary creativity, sheer simplicity, country authenticity, retro-style, classy zen, etc. Your shower can be designed in any conceivable style, whether it is an intimate corner or the focal point in the bathroom. With such a wide range of options, you might get decision anxiety? Let us quickly put that to rest, because the solution is simple: consistency. Everything you choose should fit together and contribute to the pleasant vibe in your bathroom.

Inrichting douche
Inrichting douche

Everything has its purpose  

For example, have your shower wall coverings made in the same colour and texture as the rest of your bathroom. The accents that emphasise your shower's special features are applied with the more discreet elements such as profiles, taps and accessories.

Some manufacturers offer a wide range of handles and hinges for your shower, so you can match everything to the furniture and accessories you chose for your bathroom.

In accordance with your needs  

The glass from which the shower partition is made is very strong and safe. Moreover, it can be adapted to all your needs. 

If you like light and airiness, go for clear glass. 

If you like your privacy, choose sandblasted, smoked or matt glass. Or for a glass shower wall with opaque strips halfway up the glass. 

  • Something a little more unique? Several manufacturers offer coloured walls (grey, brown, but also blue, yellow, etc.) or patterned or silkscreened ones. Some also come with small black rectangles, for a cool industrial look. 

And something else: if you choose a mirrored wall in a small bathroom, the space will immediately look twice as big!

Inrichting douche
Inrichting douche

A stylish decor 

All that is left to do, is to choose the profiles for your shower wall. Not insignificant, as they determine your shower's décor. In order to suit your personality, these days they are available In the most diverse styles. From traditional to contemporary and vintage: stainless steel, brushed nickel, chrome, gold, silver, white, black, shiny or matt... 

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