Inspiration for your toilet design

Typically, toilets do not take up much room, but that does not mean that you can neglect the design of the room. Because here, too, comfort is important!

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You can choose between several different depths for your toilet. What will determine your choice? Easy access and comfortable sitting. In a small space, it is best to go for a compact model so that your knees don't touch the toilet door. If you have more room, choose a standard or even extended version for extra comfort. 

What about height? The basic rule is that your toilet should be installed so that your thighs and legs form a right angle when you sit down. In other words, take into account the distance between your heel and your knee. 


Position the toilet roll holder in the right place so that you don't have to turn to reach it. Just like the toilet-brush holder, you can fix it to the wall or place it on a stand. So you can easily move it around.

If the toilet is part of the bathroom, you can easily reach the wash basin to wash your hands. Very important for flawless hygiene! Therefore, also install a hand wash basin in a separate toilet room - even narrow ones can look very nice.

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