Inspiration for your bathroom design

How can you best organise and furnish your bathroom? Here are a few tips and a little inspiration!


Ask yourself the right questions when you start thinking about your bathroom design: Who exactly uses the bathroom? How many people use it to get ready in the morning and to relax in the evening? Because space to move is key - you don't want to be on top of each other. 

If the size of the room allows it, consider a double wash basin. Also choose the right furniture (wall cabinets, column cabinets, shelves, etc.) to store all products and bath linens so that the room always looks perfectly tidy. All these factors will contribute to your bathroom design.

Inrichting badkamer
Inrichting badkamer


Are you familiar with this three-figure rule? It is the magic formula for a personal, cohesive and balanced interior.

Use the formula first of all to determine your ideal colour combination: the dominant colour (60%) represents the general mood, the secondary colour (30%) complements or contrasts with that basic colour (e.g., a cool tone against a warm tone) and the accent colour (10%) is the finishing touch to complete the picture.

The first two colours are used for the walls and the floor, but also for the wash basin and the bathtub. For a tone-on-tone effect (very fashionable these days) these should be chosen in the same colour. The third colour should be used for accessories, a plant, a shower curtain, decoration, etc.

You can also use this rule to play with different materials (smooth, soft or more textured), different motifs (very graphic wallpaper, original design, vertical lines to make the room look bigger, etc.) and various light sources, from very bright to dimmed (spotlights in the ceiling, an illuminated mirror, etc.).

Total look… or not quite

You can extend your home's style to your bathroom or give it a completely different look that may reflect a different aspect of your personality.

Inrichting badkamer
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