The ideal bathroom lighting in a few steps

You don't always stop to think about it, but a well-designed, practical and also cosy bathroom depends on excellent bathroom lighting. Where do you hang that bathroom fixture? Where and when to choose LED lighting in a bathroom? When it comes to bathroom lighting, you have to ask yourself all sorts of questions. That's why we have listed a few of them for you.

Three types of bathroom lighting

There are three types of bathroom lighting: basic, functional and mood lighting.

  • Basic lighting generally consists of an overhead light or a number of spots That illuminate the entire room. Here it is best to choose a luminaire with diffuse light.
  • A bathroom also has to be functional. And obviously that goes with functional lighting. This bathroom lighting ensures that you can accurately perform certain tasks, such as shaving or applying makeup. To this end we recommend wall sconces hung next to the bathroom mirror at eye level. In this case also go for diffuse light.
  • Lastly, you have mood lighting, which creates the right mood to enjoy a relaxing bath or shower. Just think of dimmable LED lighting or strips.
éclairage de base

Create a lighting plan for your bathroom

In order to have a good overview of the bathroom lighting you need, it is recommended to draw up a lighting plan. A lighting plan is a sketch in which you determine where the bathroom lighting is to be installed and how you are going to create a mood. In your plan, you should also bear in mind that you cannot be blinded in any part of the bathroom.

Think of your safety

A bathroom is a humid environment. So first and foremost, make sure that the fittings in your bathroom lighting are corrosion-resistant. It is best not to install any switches or outlets within 60 to 100 cm of all sides of a bathtub or shower. However, you can install 12 V lighting here. Lastly, when buying bathroom light bulbs, pay attention to the IP value. A high IP value means that the light bulb is resistant to moisture and dust.