How to plan the budget for your bathroom renovation

Your budget depends on a number of factors: the size of your bathroom, the choice of materials, the choice of furniture, whether you renovate it yourself or have it renovated... It is therefore impossible to accurately estimate the costs. However, there are a few guidelines to help you get a fairly realistic idea of the budget you will need to allow for your bathroom renovation.

Which factors add to your bill?

Naturally, the degree of luxury you are after plays a major role in your renovation budget. You will pay more for a stylish walk-in shower than for a shower cubicle. Also, if you want both a shower and a bath, you will have to consider a lot of extra funds. The size of your bathroom plays a major role in this.

Good quality furniture also represents an investment. Especially if tou want that extra designer touch or if you like bespoke furniture.

A last decisive factor In the cost price for your bathroom renovation Is the The degree to which you want to to modernise. What work is required? Are there many technical aspects? For which items do  you need a professional? Would you like additional technical gadgets such as underfloor heating for example?


How can you limit the price for your bathroom renovation?

When you opt for quality, you will of course pay for it, nothing new here. However, lower quality furniture will wear out more quickly, so it is better to invest in quality. Prioritise the furniture you need and see if the standard sizes are right for you. Design doesn't always have to be the most expensive. A simple piece of furniture and a simple tap can also be attractive. When renovating, roll up your sleeves whenever possible and save a lot of unnecessary expenses.

In theory what budget do you have to earmark for the renovation?

There is no such thing as a precise general renovation cost, but these tips will help you on your way:

  • For a high-quality, designer bathroom cabinet, you can count on an average budget of €1,000-3,000, depending on design, size, etc.
  • For a shower, you will pay an average of €1,500-2500 depending on whether or not you want a walk-in shower and, of course, the size and material.
  • A bathtub costs an average of €600-2000 all in, but can go as high as €5000 if you opt for sheer wellness.
  • A high-quality shower tap can be found from €600 upwards, but here too you can opt for sheer luxury in the region of €1500.
  • For an average classy wash basin tap you will pay around €200-400.
  • Last but not least, the toilet. A standard toilet will cost you between €250 and €600. The former is more for a floor-mounted toilet and the latter for a wall-mounted toilet. If you prefer a shower-toilet, you will easily pay €2,000.


To install a completely renovated, high-quality bathroom, you should definitely expect to spend at least 10,000 euros. Always take into account a number of unexpected costs.

If you want a superior bathroom with more expensive materials, and you need to change water and electricity lines, lay new tiles, etc., it will quickly add up to €15,000-20,000. The latter amount is more of a guideline for a very large bathroom with a lot of furniture, bespoke work, underfloor heating, etc.

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