How to make your washbasin a true showstopper

Brushing teeth, shaving, washing... the washbasin is the most frequently used bathroom fixture. It is also often the focal point in your bathroom, the point that immediately draws your attention. In other words, it is just about the most important element in this room. Therefore, go for the perfect washbasin for your bathroom and turn it into a true feature.

What kind of wash basin fits into your bathroom?

In order to make your wash basin an eye-catcher, you should first think about the kind of wash basin that best suits your bathroom style. There are three types of wash basins.

  • The surface-mounted wash basin: consists of a basin that is placed on the countertop. For a modern designer look.
  • The built-in wash basin: is the traditional model Integrated in the bathroom furniture.
  • The wall-mounted wash basin: here the pipes are built into the wall, leaving the space under the wash basin clear. For a sleek, minimalist style.


What  material should you choose for your wash basin?

The materials used for your wash basin will determine the entire look of this bathroom furniture. There are three materials to choose from:

  • Composite: a popular choice for those who crave a sturdy, hygienic and easy-to-maintain wash basin.
  • Porcelain: a good choice if you like luxury; porcelain is also available in various sizes and colours.
  • Natural stone: ideal for those who love a warm, country style and want to create an exclusive as well as unique look.

The finishing touch for your wash basin

Now you just have to think about the last details. The space you want your wash basin to take up and whether you want a single or double basin are very important. You also have to decide on the shape. Round or oval, rectangular or square are all options. But above all, always keep the big picture in mind. In this way you can be sure that your wash basin will be a true eye-catcher in the overall scheme of things.