How to best choose the equipment for your bathroom

Building or renovating? Is it time to start thinking about your bathroom? But how exactly do you start putting together a complete bathroom? We do it all for you.

Bathroom floors and walls

Start with the floors and walls, which will set the tone for the mood and style your bathroom will exude. Consider your personal needs (or those of your family), as well as your taste. We will certainly have something that suits you!

If you would like underfloor heating, this is obviously the right time to look at it in detail.

Bathroom furniture, bathtub and/or shower

Before choosing your bath and/or shower, decide what kind of furniture you want. A freestanding cabinet, a floating cabinet, a cabinet on feet, etc. Then you can look for a suitable model based on your style. You can also get your vanity unit, basin or separate wash basin in all shapes and sizes. Don't forget the details: storage system, lighting, material and finish.

Then time has come to make a decision: bathtub, shower or both? Consider the options for the available space and take into account all pros and cons.

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Bathroom taps

When choosing your taps, it is very important that they be of good quality, but nowadays you certainly don't have to compromise on design! After all, the range of taps is almost as extensive as that of the rest of your decor. In this way you can easily coordinate everything. You will have to choose taps for your wash basin, (possibly) hand wash basin, shower and/or bathtub.

Would you like to save water? Then it is best to choose a single lever mixer tap, thermostatic tap or electronic tap.

A toilet in your bathroom? Which radiator to choose?

Even the toilet area comes with a lot of choices. Is there room for a separate toilet or will the toilet be in the bathroom itself? Do you choose a floor-standing or a wall-mounted model? Would you like a shower-toilet? Or would you rather keep it simple? Also think about the seat. These days many people choose a soft-close model.

Radiator options are also more extensive than you might think. The space you have available can help determine whether you are looking at a vertical or horizontal radiator. But in terms of design options, the radiator should not be left out. A towel radiator is very popular in smaller spaces.

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Your bathroom accessories are at least as important as the rest when it comes to choosing your bathroom furnishings. Mirrors, lamps, soap dishes, glass holders, towel holders, etc., represent the finishing touch to your bathroom, both in terms of comfort and design!

Still in doubt? Ask the opinion of an expert