Green, the hottest colour for the bathroom

Discover four good reasons for using green in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. We also provide a few tips!

Why would you choose green for your bathroom, toilet or kitchen? For at least four good reasons. Also discover a few tips to look at life through green-coloured glasses!


We all need green, light and an open feeling. The proof? As soon as spring hits, we all head outdoors: to the squares, the parks, etc. Conversely, when the weather is dark, our mood often turns to gloom. Some bathrooms have no windows. Green, the colour of plants par excellence, invites air, light and nature into them throughout the seasons.


In the colour spectrum, green is the neutral point on which colour balance is based. It is therefore a symbol of balance, desire for space, freedom, independence and autonomy. In colour therapy, green is used to calm and stabilise the mind, create a sense of tranquility and re-energise the body.

Groen, de trendkleur voor de badkamer
Groen, de trendkleur voor de badkamer


Stagnant water is not conducive to a healthy atmosphere. In feng shui (the Chinese art of living), green is the colour of the element of 'wood', which feeds on water and thus counteracts all negative effects: plants in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet absorb moisture and give the room new life and freshness.


Don't be afraid of getting tired of green because it is always present everywhere: pastures, lawns, woods, trees, gardens, hedges or even just a potted plant - green is the dominant colour in the plant kingdom. Another advantage: green comes in many different shades that can be easily combined: bottle green, apple, spruce, celadon, duck, pistachio, olive, lemon, emerald, linden, verdigris, absinth, khaki, jade, almond, aniseed, spinach, sage, etc.


How to best use green? Go for a ‘green touch’: work with small accents or hints of colour.

  • One wall: paint it green, use green wallpaper or green tiles. Or create a true living wall.

  • Furniture and accessories: wash basin, bathtub, taps, sink, worktop – they all come in a green version whether made from glass, enamelled steel, ceramic or resin.

  • Furniture

    Various manufacturers offer green fronts, handles, bath panels and shower profiles.

  • More accessories: a little more low-profile? Use green accessories: bottles, toothbrush holder, soap dish, dust bin, bath mat, towels, hamper, etc.

  • Plants: for a green, zen bathroom nothing beats a few plants. Some feel like a fish in water in a humid environment and therefore do exceptionally well in the bathroom.


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