Find inspiration for your bathroom renovation in these before and after projects

Can you still use some inspiration for your bathroom, heating or renewable energy project? Are you looking for solutions for a small bathroom, inspiration for a Scandinavian, industrial or modern design, solutions for a small budget or options for a bathroom that can be used for life? We have an answer for every question, for every style and every budget! Draw inspiration from these Facq projects.

1. From an old bathroom to a zen bathroom

Convert your outdated bathroom into a completely new zen experience. By using soft materials such as wood, neutral colors and black accents, you will create a Scandinavian look and a bathroom exuding serenity. Built-in niches and LED lighting add an extra wellness touch.

2. Turn a small bathroom into a fresh space

You do not have to much room in your bathroom and you want to renovate It to make the most of the available space? Update the room by installing a sleek cabinet, a walk-in shower and especially handy accessories and a column cabinet in order to be able to store everything away neatly.


3. Replace your  bathroom for more safety and comfort

Would you like to update your bathroom and prepare it for the future at the same time? There are plenty of subtle solutions to make a bathroom safer and more accessible for seniors or people with reduced mobility. No need to compromise on style!