Enjoy all the benefits of colour therapy at home

Colour therapy uses colours to relax you or give you extra energy. Find out how you can benefit from it in your bathroom!

Laughing till you're blue in the face, looking at life through rose-tinted glasses, turning red, green with envy... colours express our feelings and each has its own energy. How can you use them to your advantage in your own bathroom?

Colours have various positive properties for both our physical and mental health. 

In Ayurveda, colours have been used for centuries to balance energy. Leonardo da Vinci used violet in his stained-glass windows to enhance meditation and the philosopher and physician Avicenna drew up a charter in the XIth century linking colour and health. All these ancient practices are referred to today as colour therapy.


Colour therapy originated in alternative medicine and was invented by the French neuropsychiatrist and acupuncturist Christian Agrapart. In this therapy, the radiation of colours is used to treat certain psychological and emotional problems, to relax patients or to re-energise them.

Kleurentherapie in je badkamer


Each colour has a unique wavelength. Our eyes see and react to the various hues, but our skin is also highly sensitive to light and the colour spectrum. In colour therapy, the colour is projected onto the whole body or onto a certain zone in order to trigger a certain response:

  • Warm colours (red, orange, yellow) activate and warm up
  • Cold colours (shades of blue) calm and soften
  • Neutral colours (shades of green) cleanse and bring new balance.


Quite a few spas, wellness and thalassotherapy centres offer hydrotherapy with colour therapy to combine the power of water with that of colours. But there are also several solutions on the market today that allow you to benefit from it at home, in the bathroom: 

Colour therapy kits you can install in your bath. They consist of one or more red, blue, green and/or yellow spots that are operated by remote control.

  • Rain showers with integrated LED lighting of which you can set the various colours based on your mood.


Do you want to give your body and mind an extra boost to start the day off on the right foot? Or do you prefer total relaxation after sports or work? All this is possible:

Combine massage, music, essential oils and colour therapy in a (freestanding) bathrub or a shower cubicle with shower jets.

  • Opt for the MILKo2 therapy system from Aquamass and avoid scars, crow's feet and skin irregularities thanks to the use of 100% pure water without additives.
  • You can also install a whirlpool bath (CombiPool Comfort and CombiPool Active by Villeroy & Boch or the Aquamass products) on the tub of your choice.

 An example? The Facq Aqua kit fits onto any type of tub and provides a revitalising as well as relaxing back, side and foot massage using water and air. With multi-colour LED spots.

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