Do you want to stay longer in your house later on? Take these measures

We are living increasingly longer in our own homes. When building or renovating, there are things you can take into account now so that you can age comfortably in your own home.

1. Allow for enough space to move

If you have trouble walking or you have to move around in a wheelchair, you need enough room to manoeuvre. The fewer obstacles, the better. When you are young and in the building or renovation phase, you may be thinking about having a family rather than about your old age. But if you consider the access routes in your home now, for example, you will reap the benefits later on.

2. Look to the future and make your house adaptable

Anticipating the days when you will be less mobile need not be a major headache. For example, you can choose a walk-in shower now so that you do not have to worry about steps you might trip over later. You can easily adapt your bathroom to your future needs. Think of handy storage cabinets or a seat in the shower. And have you thought about your switches? If you have them placed at a height between 90 and 120 cm, you can reach them under all circumstances, even from a wheelchair.

mobilité et confort

3. Opt for home automation

Home automation has become an integral part of our lives. It is ideal for saving energy because you control everything with just one tap on your smartphone or tablet. But home automation can also increase your sense of security. Just think of:

  • A notification to your children or first responders in the event of an emergency.
  • Controlling your lighting with a button Instead of several switches.
  • A home telephone with a screen.
  • A panic button, which Immediately switches on all lighting and deters unwelcome visitors.