Checklist for a practical and stylish guest toilet

For the interior of our living room or bathroom, we often pull out all the stops and pay attention to the smallest details. But when it comes to furnishing our guest toilet, we are less likely to stop and think. Yet this is also a place where both you and your visitors often come. The best things to consider are listed below. With our checklist, you can be sure of a stylish and practical guest toilet!

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  • A practical handbasins

A guest toilet is often the smallest room in the house. As a handbasin, it is therefore best to provide a corner model or a narrow, rectangular variant. There are also models with an under-cabinet, allowing you to cleverly create extra storage space for toilet rolls or cleaning products, for example. These base cabinets come in all sorts of materials and colours and together with your toilet they are the eye-catcher of your guest toilet.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall

In small spaces, it is always a good idea to incorporate a mirror. Because a mirror reflects the light, it makes a room appear visually larger. Besides, it is also nice for your visitors to be able to check their hair or make-up while visiting the toilet. Mirrors also come in all shapes and sizes: organic shapes or very austere, with or without lighting. Each creates its own unique atmosphere.

  • Your toilet as an eye-catcher

The days when a toilet was only available in white porcelain are long gone. Nowadays, there are several variants in matt white or black, among others. Their neutral colour allows them to fit in with any colour theme and yet they immediately give your space a unique look. A black toilet, for example, quickly creates a tough and exclusive edge. Be careful though: black is more susceptible to limescale. If you use tap water to flush your toilet, a water softener is recommended.

Duravit - D-neo

  • A smart faucet as a finishing touch for your hand washer

Smart, water-saving taps exist not only for the bathroom or kitchen, but also for a handbasin. You may already be familiar with special technologies where air is added to the water jet or where the tap always starts from the cold position, but nowadays we also see many more touchless taps in the private home. The great advantage of this is that water flows only when it is needed and bacteria and germs cannot spread.

  • The right accessories

Less is more, especially in a compact space like a guest toilet, but it is still important to give plenty of attention to accessories. A toilet roll holder, toilet brush, soap dispensers: these are just a few examples of products that turn your toilet area into a functional place. Available in a wide variety of styles and colours, they are ideal for giving even the smallest room a personal touch.


Guest Pack

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