Thermodynamic boilers: ecological and economical

Discover all the advantages of this innovative type of boiler, the best solution for replacing your old electric and energy consuming hot water boiler.


Is your electric boiler getting old and using a lot of energy? Are you looking for a solution that is good for both the environment and your wallet? A thermodynamic hot water boiler will meet all your expectations in every respect.

How exactly does this new type of boiler work?

Thanks to the integrated heat pump, this system uses calories from the air to heat the water in the tank, instead of an electric heating element.


  • More durable: air is an Inexhaustible source of energy. 
  • Environmentally friendly: some appliances work with the natural coolant R290 (much better to fight global warming), others can be used with your solar panels or solar boiler.
  • More energy-efficient: this type of boiler extracts 75% of energy required to produce hot water from the environment or outside air. The result is a considerable drop in your electricity use! In addition, some smart units only heat the amount of water you need.


Depending on the capacity of the tank (150, 200 or 270 litres), the boiler is suitable for a family of 3, 4 or even 5 to 6 people. It works very efficiently even at outdoor temperatures of -5°C to -7°C. Some brands have various accessories that allow you to use the ambient air instead of the outside air. They are also fitted with an electric heating element that takes over if the heat pump fails. So you are always sure of hot water, regardless of what happens.


And is such a thermodynamic boiler user-friendly? The units are fitted with an integrated display that is operated fully intuitively. Thanks to the intelligent programming of heating times, you can set the operation according to day/night rates. Is this system very noisy? Not at all. A floor model produces only 41 dB at 1 m and a wall model no more than 33 dB. Another advantage: they feature excellent thermal insulation so that no heat is lost.


For this innovative device, you should expect a budget of €2120 to €2600. You will recover this amount in 2 to 4 years thanks to the savings on your electric bill. Moreover, you can benefit from regional bonuses: click here for more information for Brussels, here for Wallonia and here for Flanders. Tip: call in a professional to install the boiler correctly. This is very often a prerequisite for benefiting from a bonus.

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