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September 1 is fast approaching again. The book bags are ready and the outfits have been chosen - after long negotiations. But that first of September also brings something less fun: the typical morning rush in the bathroom. Unfortunately, we can't help you with those clothes discussions in the morning, but when it comes to designing a family-proof bathroom, we can!

7 tips for a family-proof bathroom

1. Provide sufficient space at the sink

You recognise the situation: all the family would rather stay in bed as long as possible in the morning, so you all end up in the bathroom together. If you choose a double washbasin, several family members can get ready at the same time. If you rather have a small bathroom, then one larger sink with two taps might be your ideal solution. After all, that way you only need one surround and you save space.

2. Install a double shower

With small children in the house, a bath is often a logical choice, but have you thought about a double shower? By providing 2 shower heads, you can shower together with your child(ren) or partner. This way, you don't waste time and no one is left waiting in the cold. Win-win! By the way, you don't have to provide a huge space for this. A double shower can already be fitted in a corner of 150 by 100 centimetres.

Dubbele lavabo

3. Provide sufficient storage space

A classic, but the more storage space you have, the less clutter you'll see lying around and the faster you'll get yourself through the morning rush. Opt for a washbasin cabinet with plenty of cabinets or drawers, go for an extra column cabinet - many suppliers now include these as standard in their range - or use the empty space above your toilet for smaller cabinets or shelves.

4. Organise your bathroom

When you think carefully about the design of your bathroom, you can often combine several functions in one item. For example, consider a mirror cabinet, combining storage space and a bathroom mirror. Opt for a towel radiator that both heats your space and dries your towels. Use the top of your door to hang extra coat hooks. Or provide a cabinet with integrated laundry baskets.

5. Choose a shower screen that is easy to clean

Drying off your bath or shower screen after every shower? That's the last thing you have time for in the morning! These days there are bath and shower screens with an anti-limescale coating, a type of finish that makes the glass smoother, making it difficult for dirt, water and limescale to adhere to it. No more fussing with a hand wiper from now on!

Inda A16 2.0

6. Create a child-friendly environment

Make your bathroom safer, so children can do a lot themselves and you have time to get ready too. Put or hang their things at eye level so they can easily reach them themselves and provide a step. Opt for a thermostatic tap, for example. Thanks to the temperature limiter, the water never gets hotter than 38 degrees. Or provide orientation lighting on your toilet so children can easily find their way in the morning.

7. Install a large mirror

Go for a large mirror that offers enough space for all the family. Not only is it practical, but it makes your space look visually larger. Also pay attention to the height of your mirror. With small children in the house, it can be nice to provide a mirror down to the floor, that way they can see themselves too.

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