How do you choose your level of comfort and safety?

A number of recommendations for your bathroom's optimum layout and to create more independence and safety.

1. Adjust the height

Choose a flat and ergonomic washbasin and position it so that you can easily sit in front of it on a stool or in a wheelchair. Do the same with all the other fittings: taps, mirror, accessories, etc. In addition, select them for their user-friendliness. The toilet must also be adjusted to the correct height. Make sure the room is easily accessible to wheelchairs.

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2. Allow for autonomy

A shower tray that is flush with the floor is the most comfortable to avoid difficult steps. A folding seat fixed to the wall will allow you to quickly relax tired legs. Finally, choose a thermostatic tap with adjustable temperature so that young and old can shower independently.

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3. Install grab bars for more support

Sturdy and ergonomic grab bars placed in the shower and near the toilet increase your safety. They are functional but are also quite attractive. Shape (oval or round) and material (stainless steel or nylon) are chosen to match your bathroom decor.

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