4 tips to create more storage space in your bathroom

Toothpaste tubes on the sink, shampoo bottles on the edge of the bathtub and towels scattered around: do you recognise the scenario? Many bathrooms are in dire need of storage space. We give four tips to turn your bathroom into a haven of peace.

1. A vanity unit

Single or double wash basin, surface-mounted or built-in? A wash basin is a must in every bathroom. The space underneath can be used to store bathroom accessories. How you fill in the space is entirely up to you. You can install a vanity unit with cabinets or drawers. The colour can be matched to the style of your bathroom. That way you create a cohesive environment.    


2. A mirrored cabinet in the bathroom

Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, shaving, applying make-up or doing a quick pat-down in the morning: a bathroom cannot do without a bathroom mirror. Mirrors are available in different sizes and designs and you can even combine them with storage space. A mirrored cabinet is particularly useful for storing all kinds of small items, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, creams or combs. If you store them in a mirrored cabinet, you will always have those items to hand.

3. A column cabinet: ideal for a small bathroom

Do you have a compact bathroom? Then you have to design it as efficiently as possible and make optimum use of the available space. To store your towels and other bathroom items, a column cabinet is ideal. Such a high and narrow cabinet can accommodate a lot of things. It is also an elegant piece of bathroom furniture that enhances the feeling of space in your small bathroom. You can position it on the floor, but it is even nicer to mount it on the wall. Handy, too, when you're cleaning the bathroom floor.

colonne de salle de bains

4. More storage room in your bathroom? Details that make the difference

Details make a difference, even in the bathroom. Clothes pegs (or hooks) are useful for hanging up your clothes or your children's pyjamas. A wicker basket can be used to store your dirty laundry. Do you have towels lying around in your bathroom? Then you can install wooden shelves and keep them there. That way, they are always within reach when you take a shower or a bath.