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A sustainable and comfortable GROHE shower solution for any type of bathroom.

Are you looking for a new shower? Are you thinking of a simple makeover or a completely new design? Facq would be happy to introduce you to GROHE’s shower solutions.

GROHE showers are available in a variety of shapes, styles, colours and sizes. When you choose GROHE, you choose a sustainable and comfortable shower.

Plus, you will enjoy a 10% discount on all GROHE products at Facq through the end of December!


GROHE Euphoria shower systems

Système de douche Euphoria de Grohe

Modern designer style and maximum safety

To enjoy a laid-back shower completely tailored to your needs, a shower system is the ideal choice. Combining a reliable thermostat that perfectly controls water flow and temperature, a practical hand shower and a spa-worthy overhead shower, you will enjoy your shower to the fullest.

The GROHE Euphoria 260 shower systems are available with three different spray types and a ProGrip handle to easily switch between spray types. Or allow yourself to be won over by the GROHE Euphoria 310-shower systems’ generous overhead shower, under which you can enjoy the water with your entire body. The metal handle also ensures comfortable use of the thermostat. Not only do both the GROHE Euphoria 260 and the GROHE Euphoria 310 offer maximum comfort with the generous overhead shower, they both add designer style to any modern bathroom.

The updated models of both shower systems have a fresh look while offering maximum safety for the whole family. In the new GROHE Euphoria 260 and 310 shower systems, GROHE, for example, CoolTouch technology is integrated. This safety feature ensures that the thermostat never gets too hot to the touch and no one burns themselves on it. Moreover, this design enables you to choose multiple options to customise it to your personal style. The FastFixation technology in both shower systems enable them to be adapted to existing drill holes, making installation simple. GROHE Euphoria is a simple way to bring fun back into your bathroom.

Grohtherm thermostats

Temperature fluctuations in the shower are a thing of the past

Showering is as much part of a good start to the day as freshly brewed coffee. Turn on the water, set the temperature that feels just right and you’re ready to go. Nothing is more annoying than temperature fluctuations and a long hassle to set the desired temperature. On this point, shower thermostats can offer quick relief: Thanks to GROHE's TurboStat technology, water is raised to your desired temperature within a split second and kept constant for the duration of your shower. Say goodbye to wasting time and water searching for the right temperature and enjoy a laid-back shower moment. With its range of various thermostats, GROHE offers a suitable product for every shower.

GROHTHERM 1000 Performance – Full shower performance with additional safety features 

Does this sound familiar? You want to take a hot shower, but you burn yourself on the hot tap? With the GROHE CoolTouch technology, this is a thing of the past. GROHE CoolTouch technology ensures that a barrier of cold water is formed between the hot water and the product surface, which therefore always remains cool to touch and never exceeds the shower temperature. The ribbed surface of the ergonomic ProGrip handle also ensures comfortable use, even with soapy hands or for children. Moreover, conscientious use of water has also been considered: The GROHE EcoButton saves up to 50% on water while showering.

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