€75 cashback on electric radiators Radson

From 2 January to 31 March 2023, benefit from a €75 cashback promotion per electric radiator. This promotion applies to the entire range of electric radiators (except Bagana and Yali Digital), with a limit of 8 pieces per customer.

About electric radiators ...

Electric radiators are ideal for rooms that only require temporary and targeted heat, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and hobby rooms. They are also an excellent alternative to hydronic radiators in passive houses with low heat demand, as well as in renovation projects where hydronic pipes are not available.

As they are directly connected to the electricity grid, the installation of electric radiators is very easy and affordable. They are filled with vegetable oil and have an electric thermostat that quickly and efficiently creates a pleasant indoor climate.

Your Cashback

Conditions of the promotion

When you buy a Radson electric radiator (except Bagana and Yali Digital), ordered and invoiced during the campaign period (valid from 02/01 until 31/03/2023), you will receive a cash rebate (€75 per radiator, maximum 8 pieces).

Please send the following documents to marketing@radson.be before 31/05/2023: detailed invoice, your national data and bank account number.

Upon receipt of all mentioned documents Radson will pay the correct amount within 30 calendar days. Your data will be treated confidentially and will only be used for this action. This action is only for private persons and cannot be combined with other actions and/or special prizes of Radson.

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