Which heating unit should I choose?

Radiators, underfloor heating or convectors? Make the right choice.

Traditional radiators

Our latest generation panel radiators still provide you with all the heat you need in a cost-effective way. All Radson radiators operate on a low or ultra-low temperature, thereby minimising your energy consumption, which is kinder to the environment, not to mention your wallet.

Available in a range of sizes: from discrete 20-cm high skirting board radiators to an imposing panel measuring 90 x 300 cm!

Decorative radiators

Don't hide your radiators away any longer! These days you can opt for a modern and sleek design, with straight or rounded sides.

A choice of colours

A towel dryer will provide you with the best of both worlds: heated towels and a warm bathroom. What's more, they come in various sizes to suit your bathroom and toilet.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a highly hygienic heating solution. It regulates air humidity better, reduces impurities in the air and reduces the presence of mites. Proper ventilation will obviously also be essential.

By combining your underfloor heating with traditional radiators you can reduce your heating bill by 10 %!

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