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Thermostat and connected valve Thermostat FET

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Thermostat for Stiebel Eltron heat pumps

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    Room remote control with thermostat function for the heat pump manager. The result is a fundamentally new control concept. The extensive functions of the basic module can be extended with this remote control. The center of the system is the heat pump manager, which controls numerous functions with its integrated control unit. These include the operation of two heat pumps in cascade, or the control of one direct and two mixed heating circuits. By extending the module, four additional heat pumps and two further mixed heating circuits can be controlled. A total of five heating circuits can be controlled by a single remote control. This digital remote control makes it easy to enter, display and control cooling and heating modes. The device takes relative humidity into account, monitors the dew point temperature and actively prevents the formation of condensation.

    • Simple, intuitive operation via touch wheel with dot-matrix display
    • Ambient temperature and humidity display
    • Easy adjustment of comfort temperature