S2125-8 Monobloc aerothermal heat pump

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Aerothermal heat pump

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    The NIBE S2125 heat pump is a modulating air-to-water monoblock heat pump that provides an excellent basis for a customized, energy-efficient comfort system.

    It can be combined with various complete indoor units (such as the NIBE VVM S320) and separate control units (such as the NIBE SMO S40).

    The NIBE S2125 heat pump is the quietest air-to-water heat pump on the market, and is also highly efficient. With a maximum heating flow temperature of no less than 75°C, this high-temperature heat pump - while retaining the existing radiator distribution system - is also ideal for use in existing homes.

    Thanks to the use of a natural refrigerant, it also boasts a very low GWP (global warming potential) of just 3. An installation with a NIBE S2125 heat pump not only provides central heating, cooling and/or domestic hot water, but, via the complete indoor units and matching control units, also offers the option of operating it via an app on your smartphone or tablet. NIBE S series complete indoor units and control units can also communicate wirelessly with a wide range of wireless smart home components.