Modul-Air-All-E air-source heat pump

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Heat pump

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    A heat pump without an outdoor unit, all in one.

    The Modul-AIR heat pump is suitable for single-family homes, terraced houses and apartments where mechanical ventilation is used. In these homes, polluted and humid air is extracted by exhaust valves in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. This heat pump, with no outdoor unit, recovers heat from the polluted air and extracts it. The energy from the extracted warm air is used to heat central heating water to a maximum temperature of 60°C.  This water is then used to heat the house or for domestic hot water.

    • Home heating, hot water and ventilation
    • Compact heat pump for ventilated C and D houses
    • Classified as renewable energy in BENG
    • Allows two energy label upgrades for existing buildings
    • Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and silent
    • Operates with various thermostats