Compress 6000 6 AWM air-source heat pump

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Heat pump

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  • Perfectly suited to family homes and apartment buildings, whether new builds or renovations.
  • Economical and quiet: the Bosch Compress 6000 heat pump combines particularly low energy consumption with very quiet operation. In terms of energy efficiency, this heat pump is up to 20% more efficient than other air-to-water heat pumps on the market. Noise pollution is eliminated by activating the silent mode (-3 dB) on the outdoor unit.
  • Comfort: you can quickly and easily achieve a pleasant temperature in your home. Air conditioning provides welcome cooling on the hottest days. The Compress 6000 heat pump with its integrated 190 l boiler is more than sufficient to provide hot water for an average family.
  • Easy to use: with the EasyRemote app, you control the Compress 6000 with your smartphone or tablet.