Submersible pump Unilift

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Grundfos - sewage pump AP35B 50.06.A1

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    The Grundfos Unilift AP35B 50.06.A1 is a stainless steel submersible pump with vertical discharge connection and integrated closed 3-phase submersible motor executed in insulation class F. This motor is equipped with thermal protection. Thanks to the Vortex impeller, a 35 mm free passage is possible. This makes it suitable for pumping sewage water (not toilet water). 

    This pump was designed for heavier jobs. This is immediately apparent from the materials chosen and the robustness they exude. They are in fact the big brothers of the Grundfos KP submersible pumps. The pumps can be used both mobile and in a permanent freestanding installation. This extensive range of pumps is known for its primal reliable performance and low maintenance. The stainless steel material can be found throughout, guaranteeing solid construction quality.