Only 6 % VAT on your solar panels, heat pumps and solar boilers

Did you know that the VAT on the purchase of a heat pump, solar boiler and solar panels has recently been reduced from 21 % to 6 %? The government introduced the new measure in the context of the rising energy prices and it applies to homes across the board. So your home doesn't have to have been built more than 10 years ago any longer for you to be able to avail of this advantage.

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Solar panels, solar boilers and heat pumps are a form of renewable energy that make you less dependent on the fluctuating energy prices

The new measure was introduced to encourage private citizens to switch to sustainable energy sources as far as possible. 

Also homes that were built within the past 10 years and new builds now qualify for the favourable VAT rate. That way it will be within everyone's reach to do their bit for the environment while availing of a handsome economic advantage.

At this point in time, the lower VAT rate is expected to remain in effect until 31 December 2023.

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