Pedestal washbasin Xcut et Xcross

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Fascinatingly clear and light, particularly attractive in small bathrooms.

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    Authentic material and concise form

    The Xcut and Xcross washbasins impress with their concise shape, precise details and authentic materials. The aesthetic core of this new development is glass-lined steel, in keeping with Alape's design DNA. Xcut and Xcross take up the current trends in architecture and the desire for individuality. 

    They consist of a powder-coated steel frame and a glazed steel bowl. The X-shaped foot, which is characteristic of both series, develops characteristically into the round body of the basin. 



    The Xcross pedestal washbasin emphasises the X-shaped base. The structure consists of flat steel frames with narrow edges facing outwards.

    With a joint width of only one millimetre, the colour-matched washbasin is almost seamlessly integrated into the filigree shape. The flush-mounted drain is also an elegant detail.

    Light, precise and all in white: the new Xcut pedestal washbasin from Alape represents pure industrial design.



    In Xcut, the fittings are cut precisely from the steel cylinder - pure industrial design. In addition, a shelf is integrated under the basin, providing practical storage space in a minimum of space. The series is available entirely in white.

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    Washbasin Xcross

    The Xcross open washbasin combines aesthetic design with precise manufacturing.


    Washbasin Xcut

    The new Xcut pedestal washbasin represents pure industrial design.