Scandinavian style - Stockholm

Simplicity before all else. This is the hallmark of Scandinavian style, which transforms the bathroom into a soft, comfortable and incredibly functional cocoon by means of a strikingly flowing line in the space.

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Mya burgbad

Light wood

Light colours that highlight the grain of the wood, for a calm and relaxing environment.

Intuitive Delpha

Light furniture

The wash basin exudes an almost unreal lightness and sits on a piece of furniture with elegant legs. The bathtub features rounded lines and feels soft and protective.

Soft colours

Soft and delicate pastel shades are used for the walls, the floor and the furniture. Again, to ensure a calming atmosphere, where there is no room for aggressiveness. 

Natural light

Natural light is abundant in Scandinavian bathrooms. If your windows overlook a green environment, nature adds a fresh touch.

Happy D.2 Duravit
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