Country style

Often in a slightly darker or grayer shade and preferably with a pronounced wood grain, visible knots and a rough, rugged appearance. Other finishes and accessories also tend to be more robust in nature. As for the color palette, it maintains a certain neutrality, with various shades of gray and beige as references. Depending on the shades chosen, the country bathroom can have both a light and dark character, which can also be enhanced by the fittings. For example, a white countertop with a classic white or chrome faucet accentuates the light tones, while a black faucet gives a dark elegance.

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Eleven Sanijura


Country style never renounces the past. On the contrary. The past is upgraded and given pride of place.

Solid wood

The knots and grains of solid wood create a calming and relaxing mood in your bathroom.

Edition Lignature
Champêtre, couleur


These vertical lines put your feet firmly on the ground and make for a vital and dynamic look. 

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